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Evaluation Systems for Personnel Inc (ESP) head office is located in Houston, Texas.
The firm is a privately held Texas Corporation.

6420 Richmond Avenue, Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77057

Telephone Numbers:
Head Office (713) 528-3730 | Toll Free (800) 256-7953

Fax Numbers:
Toll Free Fax line (866) 494-3710 | Head Office Fax Line (713) 528-3710

Email Address:

Main Contacts:
Gerald (Gerry) Blumenthal, Ph. D. (Founder & CEO)
Jennifer Miller - H/O (Account Manager)
Allison Streeter - Dallas Fort Worth Representative
Martha Pena - New Orleans Representative
Elaine Wells - Nashville Representative
Rossi Preissler - Indianapolis Representative
Marilyn Berman Ph.D. - Georgia Representative
Michelle Caballero - Houston Office

6420 Richmond Avenue, Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77057 • Toll Free (800) 256-7953 • Local (713) 528-3730 •

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