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ESP, under the leadership of Dr. Gerry Blumenthal and Stella Blumenthal (MSW) is one of the most respected mystery shopping companies in the USA. Its long list of clients (some of whom have remained loyal since ESP’s establishment 28 years ago) is testament to its strict adherence to the following:

  • Top-notch customer service.

  • Innovative technology.

  • The quality of its shoppers.

  • Reliable cost-effective information

Founder/CEO: Gerald (Gerry) Blumenthal Ph.D.

Gerry earned degrees in Engineering and industrial administration and has practiced as an industrial psychologist since 1969. He has successfully owned and managed retail and service businesses with sales in excess of $60 million. He is a recognized authority on customer service and has been interviewed by the media (radio and TV) and quoted in the national press and by international authors. His expertise in sales training, customer service, human resources, price controls and motivational programming is legendary in the industry. He has a wealth of experience in airports and is constantly in demand as a consultant in this field. He is also a published author of many books.

President - Stella Blumenthal (MSW)

Stella is one of the original ESP principals and is responsible for day-to-day personnel evaluations. With over 35 years of experience in her field she brings to the table a unique set of personnel evaluations and guidelines.

Michelle Caballero

Mystery Shopper Administrator

Jennifer Miller

Accounting Manager Evaluation Systems for Personnel 713-528-3730


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