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Dear Applicant,

Since 1985 we have generated many loyal clients including several Fortune 500 companies. One of the main reasons we have been so successful is the outstanding quality of our 600,000+ shoppers. Needless to say, we place great store in the selection process of our shoppers. ESP shoppers are handpicked for their professionalism, accuracy, total reliability, conscientiousness, highly dependable, and detail-oriented. We generally look for enthusiastic individuals who have some college exposure and/or some business experience. We value shoppers who understand what a sense of urgency means to our clients and have zero tolerance for shoppers who take on a project and then abandon the job. We continually strive to create a friendly, yet professional environment, which will allow our shoppers to perform top-notch evaluations on behalf of our clients. ESP has a fine reputation amongst our hundreds of thousands of shoppers for being fair and always paying on time, which explains why some of our shoppers have been with us for almost twenty years.

ESP is a Houston-based organization with affiliates over many parts of the U.S.A. We provide evaluations, training, and survey services for a variety of companies, including but certainly not limited to: banks, restaurants, hotels, auto dealerships, retailers, leasing offices, valet services, hardware stores, cruise lines, storage facilities, airlines, airports, travel agencies, hospitals, and supermarkets.

Because of the nature of our business, we often require very short turn-around periods (the time between the shopper receiving his/her assignment and our receiving the completed report in our office). Therefore, it is crucial that we exclusively hire individuals who consistently submit their reports in a timely, accurate, and professional manner.

Like our clients, we strive for exceptional customer service. For this reason, we only employ the finest mystery shoppers. If you wish to be considered as a mystery shopper, please demonstrate you seriousness by accepting our Mystery Shopper Challenge. In order to take this challenge, you will have to evaluate a real life experience in a customer-related establishment of your choice (retail store, bank, restaurant, etc). For the purpose of this evaluation, feel free to change to change any question that may not be relevant to your shopping situation. Along with your resume, please submit all forms through Email. Provided that it satisfies our requirement you will be contacted by Email or phone.

Michelle Cabellero
(Mystery Shopper Administrator)

Our mailing address:

6420 Richmond Avenue, Suite 200 Houston, TX 77057


Application: Please follow these two easy steps:

Step 1: Call ESP at (713) 528-3730 or (800) 256-7953 and advise our Receptionist that you are interested in doing the Mystery Shopping Challenge so that we can acknowledge that we have active Clients in your area. Alternatively, if you wish, you may Email us at

Step 2: We ask that you complete our "Mystery Shopping Challenge" to see if this line of work is right for you.

Step 3: Step 3: Email your Mystery Shopper Challenge, along with a one-page narrative of your experience, plus your resume to:

Michelle Cabellero
(Mystery Shopper Administrator)

Mystery Shopping Challenge (Adobe Acrobat/PDF)



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